Salad With White Radish

Salad With White Radish.

It is a delicious salad, healthy and easy to prepare.

I buy radish not very much, it should be hard and white.

I peel the skin and grate it in stripes.

I do the same with the apple.

It can be served with mayonnaise or with thick cream.

For me it tastes better with cream, but then you have to
Radish and apples, add salt and pepper to taste.

I also prepare a black turnip salad in the same way.

However, the black turnip is quite spicy in flavor
and not everyone likes its slightly sulfuric smell.

And by the way, I want to add one more,
that white radish and black turnips
They taste great when cut into slices
on bread with butter - salted of course.

These were my sons' favorite sandwiches,
who did not like cold cuts.