potato salad

potato salad

Although the ingredients of this salad are really simple
and also not very costly,
this dish is delicious and elegant.

We start with the onion, which we cut
very finely into a cube.
We salt and pepper it, we add a pinch of thyme,
basil, some marjoram,
there may also be a pinch of sage.

The general rule is this,
that there should be a lot of herbs, when it comes to species,
while their amounts are minimal
- nothing worse could happen,
when we overdo it with spices.

Once we sprinkle the onion with herbs,
o we leave for two hours, to "bite".

Then cook the potatoes in their jackets,
let's cool down, we peel and cut into slices
at least ˝ cm thick.

We put the potatoes on a flat salad bowl
and gently combine with the onion.

And that's all! You will see, that will amaze you
friends this dish.