Chicory and avocado salad

Chicory and avocado salad.

This delicate and very sophisticated salad
I ate for the first time in Paris,
when i visited there before a dozen
years old my friend.
Shopping amazed me then
in this beautiful city
- shelves in shops buckled under
beautifully exposed, wonderful
and in an unbelievable selection of fruits,
cheese, cold meats, while with us
there was the proverbial vinegar in the country at that time.

It was there that I saw avocado fruit for the first time.

Today we cannot complain about supplies in Poland,
we can even get avocado in a vegetable stand,
and in a larger supermarket it is for sure.

This salad is an autumn / winter dish,
then the chicory appears and tastes best.

I suggest cutting the chicory into not too fine strands,
Cut the avocado into two halves, remove the stone
and with a spoon, cut into a bowl with chicory
pieces of green flesh.

Pour over the mixed olive sauce
with lemon juice, salt it
and season with crushed garlic.

Gently mix the ingredients.

Prepare the salad just before eating.