NORINCO M 305 - short characteristics

NORINCO M 305 - short characteristics.

Many enthusiasts dream about it, to be able to shoot yourself with a real M 14, which was used back in the years 70 of the last century by the US Army. However, with us it is definitely rarely seen, even unattainable. If anyone would like to bring one from the USA, it must be ready for a real murder, possibly Germany stays, but there, in turn, is the price 1800 euro for the basic version of this model.

Maybe some alternative?
Absolutely, and the Chinese weapons manufacturer NORINCO will help, which has a copy of M. 14 named NORINCO M 305. It is a modified version of the above-mentioned. of the described M 14. When buying this equipment, you can count on two spare magazines, which will accommodate 20 cartridges, as well as various accessories for cleaning the rifle.

It is a very faithful copy of M. 14, so the parts also fit in if necessary, which you will bring from the USA to M. 14. Worth noticing, that this type of rifle is usually lubricated with Chinese grease, which gives off at least an unpleasant smell. If it bothers someone, we recommend that you clean it immediately after purchase.

What the shooting looks like?
It is impossible to hide, that shooting is satisfying, nevertheless, it is better to replace the sights immediately with those of the original M 14. It turns out, that NORINCO M 305 it beats relatively low and only after sensing it can you hit the target accurately.

In general, it is worth considering the purchase of NORINCO due to the much lower price and not the worst quality of workmanship. Of course, one could find fault with some details, but we must remember, that it is a Chinese product.