Pepper spray and personal protection

Pepper spray and personal protection.

Have to admit, that security in our country is at an increasingly higher level. There are fewer and fewer robberies and robberies, which of course doesn't mean that either, that they are not there at all. Besides, not everywhere Polish officials are able to protect their citizens at the same level. In connection with, it is also worth taking care of your own safety. In our apartment, we can do it through alarm systems or monitoring. But what about protection outside the home? What to choose? Gun, and maybe pepper spray?

Protective weapons.
If we're talking about weapons here, it is definitely worth stopping at alarm or boom pistols for a longer time. Especially, that to have them, we don't need any permits. These are superfluous here and everyone can buy them at stationary points, and shipping. It is definitely quite good protection, though we must note, that not everyone can scare. A stick will not always work either. What is left for us?

Practical gas.
It is definitely worth getting interested in acquiring gas. Pepper spray is not only a cheap measure, but also very practical. Let's also add, that we will use such gas without any problem, because its action is similar to that of a regular deodorant. This is also an important issue, that pepper spray can protect us not only from the attacker, but also an animal. As there are many stray dogs on Polish streets today, it is worth considering such a purchase.