Harpoon – bait

Harpoon – Trap

1 Prepare a simple one, a thin branch and cut off the side shoots. This is how you fish in deep water.
2 Sharpen the thicker end of the stick. Carefully put on the fire, to make it stronger. Trim the surface of the stick below the blade to keep it flat. Tie a trap here.
3 Tie sharp sticks on both sides of the harpoon; they should be close together and protrude above the blade. They will make it difficult for the fish to writhe and escape. Finally, break the trap sticks apart and insert a simple stick between them, which will fall out, as soon as the harpoon meets resistance. In this way, the fish will immediately be pinched with sticks.

Harpoon with spikes

1 Cut the end of the long one, a simple stick like this, so that the spikes can be inserted there.
2 Insert the spiky sticks into the spear and tie them. They must be strong, to deal with even heavy fish.
Ready spear
Do not break the spikes against rocks or stones on the river bed. It is best to use a landing net to retrieve the fish.

The bait can be scattered over the water surface, hook or trap. Insects are a good bait, small fruits, worms, bread, raw meat and pieces of fish. Live bait attracts fish, because it moves like wounded prey, easy to catch. The secret to successful fishing often lies in feeding the fish their usual bait food.

Be very careful when fishing, prevent the makeshift equipment from falling apart, because you can release what you just caught, and lose balance and fall into the water. This threatens not only with drowning, for example, you may get pneumonia or some kind of infectious disease. Never enter the water without a stick, you can lean on, as well as checking the ground in front of you. Also remember, that a predator may be lurking nearby, who came to drink water or catch fish.