Millet groats

Millet groats

Millet is an old Polish dish.

Unfortunately, today it is not very popular in our kitchen.

The skoda, because it has amazing nutritional values
and perhaps successfully in our diet
replace e.g.. cold cuts.

Instead of having sandwiches for breakfast
with sausage or ham,
let's cook millet porridge,
which will perfectly saturate us for a few hours
and unlike cold meats - whole
preservatives of various liquids, so that they weigh more -
it is a blessing for the digestive tract,
for the bones and for our entire body.

The groats must be washed before cooking.

The right proportion of water is important:
for one part of the groats, pour in three parts of water.

Put the pot with buckwheat and water on high heat
and we wait, until it boils.

Then we reduce the fire,
we cover the pot and continue to cook 15 minutes.

You can add a tablespoon of olive or butter,
you can eat it with raisins, with sesame seeds.

It is a much healthier dish,
cheaper and tastier than the overrated muesli.