Cucumber soup

Cucumber soup.

The secret of the cucumber soup is this,

that you need to use it to prepare it

not only pickled cucumbers,

but also cucumber juice.

So taste first:

maybe yesterday's broth,

it may be the flavor of the pork chops

as well as a stock cube.

Grate the cucumbers and their skin on a grater

and cook to taste, until I'm soft,

at the end, add the aforementioned juice

and cook together for a while

adding salt or vegetta to taste,

pepper, garlic and cream with cream.

In a second pot, in a little water

we boil the diced potatoes

with vegetta or broth cubes and butter.

When the potatoes are soft

we pour them with water, in which they cooked,

into a pot of cucumber.

Caution! The right acidity of this soup is important

- we regulate it with cucumber juice.