Herring in oil

Herring in oil

Can you imagine a Polish table without herrings??
Herrings in oil are a food,
which almost everyone likes.
So get to work!

We can serve herring straight from the tray
- there are quite a few such offers in our stores.
But we can buy herring,
which take some work
- believe me, it's worth it.

I recommend herring from a bucket, or on tap.

Such herring must first be soaked in water
- for half an hour, then drain the water
and soak for at least three hours
in water with a significant amount of vinegar
(the water must be clearly acidic).

After taking herrings out of the brine and drying them,
we can let our imagination run wild and
sprinkle the bell with ground paprika, for example,
or a light amount of ground cloves.

You can also use curry, or dried parsley.

I also shower the herring in tiny amounts
ground ginger, or cinnamon -
in short, you can experiment with spices,
but never overdo it,
because too many herbs can kill the taste of a dish.

The ringtone keeps track, soaked and sprinkled with herbs
we cut into squares, we pack in a jar
and pour olive oil.

In a few hours, it can be served to the table,
necessarily with the addition of onion cut into small cubes
– it greatly enhances the aesthetics of the dish and the taste
parsley, chopped together with the onion.