a tomato salad.

a tomato salad.

Tomato salad is present in my house
from May to the end of November every day.

I consider the day without tomatoes wasted.

In November, as the tomatoes turn pale and paler
and lose their flavor, I start to worry,
How do I get to the next tomato season,
singing sadly with a song
from the Cabaret of Elderly Gentlemen "Adio Tomatoes"!

But, when I can buy them at any market
and in every vegetable stand, this life is beautiful.

I always peel them off.
In a very simple way - I burn for a moment
boiling water and the crust comes off by itself.

I cut into slices not very thin,
I like these almost centimeters.

Then I thinly slice the onion feathers, I'm fucking, sole,
I pour olive oil and eat it with relish,
having a feeling, that there are few more delicious dishes in the world!

I also like to sprinkle tomato salad
on top with chopped parsley or sliced ​​olives.

I know, that some people make tomato salad
with fresh and pickled cucumbers.

I prefer cucumbers separately.