How to use the steam sauna

How to use the steam sauna.

A steam bath or a steam sauna, just like any type of sauna, has its own rules of use których powinniśmy przestrzegać by w pełni korzystać z uroków kąpieli parowej.

Some of the behaviors and tips are common regardless of the type of sauna, but there are elements that when used in a dry sauna escape and do not constitute a mishap. The same behavior in a steam sauna looks at least strange.

Dlatego warto zapoznać się z zasadami jak korzystać z sauny parowej, to relax more pleasantly and not to be exposed to the attention of other sauna users.

How to use the steam sauna?

  • We go to the sauna refreshed, no rush, entering after a lot of effort may not necessarily have a good effect on our body. Better to sit back for a moment.
  • Of course, we should not enter the sauna after a heavy meal, keep well with 60 minutes of break.
  • Before entering, we wash the whole body, This is important, many people enter the sauna in a hurry, not paying attention to hygiene or living in the belief that a morning shower is enough. Well, even for the sake of appearances, we should wash ourselves, because you never know who will make our behavior the rule. If you were in the swimming pool before entering the sauna and you are actually washed, then wash yourself anyway, It will not hurt you and it will motivate others.
  • When entering the sauna, leave your shoes before entering
  • Once inside, it's good to say hello sometimes, even saying good morning.
  • We enter the sauna naked, a costume or even a towel is unnecessary. The costume will burn, the towel will be soaked with water and will be heavy and wet. Important because many people have a strange habit of using a towel in the Roman bath and then go with the towel to the Finnish sauna, wetting the boards. If anyone is embarrassed, I can assure you that, you can't see anything in the steam room.
  • Before sitting on the stones, wash the seat with water, you will wash off any sweat from other participants.
  • Do not talk in the sauna, especially when there are several people there, may want to rest, they don't have to listen to your jokes or stories.
  • After the screening, wash the seat after you. It's such a good practice in the sauna, so as not to unnecessarily transfer the contents of one's sweat onto others.
  • After leaving, you can use the ice dispenser and rub the body with cold crushed ice, it will toughen you up a bit, will help to close the skin pores.
  • After rubbing, be sure to rinse your body with lukewarm water, and reduce its temperature, so that in the final stage it is cold water.
  • Remember, we cool the body from the legs upwards
  • After the sauna, it is advisable to replenish fluids and 20-30 minute rest, e.g.. on a deckchair or in a jacuzzi.

Have a nice sauna.