Air rifle pistols - what you should know before buying

Air rifle pistols - what you should know before buying.

Air rifles available on the market come in two basic models, differing not only in design, but also the specificity of shooting. Namely, I mean air rifle pistols and rifle type air rifles. Air rifle guns have a realistic look, They are very handy and are best suited for shooting at shorter distances. In turn, rifle-type air rifles are characterized by greater power and high accuracy at longer distances.

Construction and characteristics.
Air rifles belong to small arms designed to fire at short distances, medium to 15 meters. Compressed carbon dioxide airguns have the ability to fire a dozen or so shots in a short time. The speed of successive shots depends only on the shooter's skill and ability to pull the trigger.

Advantages of pistol type airguns.
The undeniable advantage of air rifles is their very realistic appearance. Thanks to modern design, modern air rifles are confusingly similar to real firearms. The realism of service, e.g.. bolt recoil when firing. Another advantage of these airguns is their small dimensions, which allow you to easily carry weapons in a backpack or even a lady's purse.

Taking into account the propulsion mechanism of the air rifle, guns can be divided into several basic types. We can distinguish spring airguns, powered by carbon dioxide or compressed air.