What if there is no electricity?

What if there is no electricity?

"Perseverance, stubborn determination, to keep going despite overwhelming odds, is the key to staying alive ", Grylls told Business Insider.

Many of us have wondered what would happen more than once, if suddenly there was no electricity, but not some sort of outage, because, for example, for a month. It's easy to imagine, that there would eventually be social unrest and shoplifting - in the dark. Our organized social world could therefore turn into the animal kingdom, in which both strength decides, as well as sly ingenuity.

In his latest National Geographic show, Hostile Planet, Grylls highlights this, which is the most important and decisive for survival in the animal kingdom. The camera of the six-part documentary series follows Grylls through the mountains, oceans, fields, jungles, deserts and the polar desert, to show "what the life of animals fighting for survival in such a rapidly changing world looks like".

Bear Grylls zdaje się nie wykluczać sytuacji takich jak wybuch na Słońcu, which makes, that the electricity disappears in the contacts between apartments and offices for more than a few hours of a transmission system failure. For Grylls, former member of special forces, survival and adaptability are almost synonymous – a to, how well we can survive in the wild, improves - according to Grylls – with time and practice.

“Immunity is a muscle, which becomes stronger with time " – Grylls said. He also added, that a lack of spontaneous problem-solving skills can make life in the wild much more difficult.

“When it comes to survival, everyone has an idea about it, which works best. Meanwhile it, which often surprises people, is the fact that people are able to deviate from their plans even if they cannot imagine it before ", Grylls said. He added, that one of the most important things to remember in the wild is this, that you have to "improvise, adjust, overcome ".

As a survival expert, Bear Grylls has done everything, from eating worms in the Alps to sleeping in a deer carcass in the Highlands. But regardless of this, are you stuck on a desert island, or are you just trying to get through a shitty day at work, Grylls has a "bright, simple method ", which, as he says, can help you survive adversity.

"I think, that one of the best things to survive not only in the jungle, but also in everyday life it is to choose the right posture in the morning ", He said.

Grylls, as a former member of the British Army Special Forces, learned the basics above all of this, that a positive attitude is essential, to survive any adverse situation, regardless of her ailment.

So let's take a look at Grylls programs, just to find out, that to light a fire it is enough to hit the battery from the mobile phone with the knife blade, this treatment causes sparks, which allows you to take previously prepared dry forest litter.

So let's not forget about the possibilities, while an accidental eruption in the Sun can suddenly condemn us to an accelerated search for anything, just to eat.