sour soup

sour soup

This soup can be a staple for dinner.

First I put it in a pot of water
white raw sausage and soup vegetables.

In the second pot, I boil the hard-boiled eggs.

After 15 minutes I take out the sausage,
and I cook the Italian for a while longer, to be soft.

Then I acidify the soup with sour soup from the bottle
(as a last resort, it may be from a purse),
I sprinkle a lot of marjoram,
a tiny pinch of ginger and two,
three cloves of garlic.

I put the pot out of the fire.

Peel the cooled eggs,
I cut into quarters, I cut the sausage into slices
and I put it all in the soup.

I serve with potatoes cooked separately.

You can really get enough of this dish!