Freshwater predatory fish

Predatory fish are very aggressive; they can even eat smaller specimens of their own kind. Many of them have sharp spines, which can be combined with a poison bag. Sometimes the mucus that covers the skin of the fish is also toxic; may develop a rash when touched, and even cause, that the fish would be poisonous, until the skin is peeled off.

Pike (Esox)
There are different species of pike in the world. The American Pike can grow up to 1 meter in length. He likes it quiet, clear waters with lots of vegetation. It occurs in rivers and streams flowing into the Atlantic. He has sharp teeth.

Sum (Tandanus)
It belongs to the catfish family. It lives in the calm waters of Australia and the South- East Asia and the entire Indo-Pacific region. Other fish in this family are found all over the world. The dorsal and pectoral fins of the catfish may end with sharp spines, often containing venom. Their skin is covered with poisonous mucus.

Sum (Ictalurus)
This fish has poisonous spines, and her skin is covered with toxic mucus. So you have to be careful, always remove the skin thoroughly before eating. These catfish feed mainly on plant food and insects, foraging at the bottom of the calm, slow flowing streams, especially in North America and Europe. It is a kind of sum, which has a mustache typical of this family.

Perch (perch fluviatilis)
A voracious predator, traveling in whole shoals. These fish can seriously reduce the populations of other fish in the tank, in which they will find themselves. Found in calm rivers and streams in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. It is tasty, however, you have to be careful with the sharp dorsal fin.

Pike (Esox of light)
He lives alone. He is very aggressive and has sharp teeth. Some people call him “river wolf ", because it wreaks havoc on fish; it can even fight individuals of its own size. His meat is very tasty. It occurs in Europe and North America in various waters.

Pike perch (Stizostedion lucioperca)
He is reminiscent of his close relatives, perch and pike. It has great, eyes glowing in the dark. Mainly found in North America; his meat is tasty. It has a sharp dorsal fin.

Many edible freshwater fish can be injured with sharp teeth or dorsal fin spines, others have their skin covered with toxic mucus. Piranha is not famous (Serrasalmus), found in tropical regions of South America; a dangerous and voracious fish. Electric eels also inhabit South America (Electrophorus electricus), which can cause a strong electric shock to a wading or swimming person.

Dead fish deteriorate very quickly; they must be dried immediately after being caught, smoked or marinated. Don't eat any fish, which you did not catch yourself, even if it seems very fresh.