Moving water

Even if you are camping right on the river, you cannot do without dishes and other equipment for carrying and keeping water in them. You can, e.g, need more water for cooking. A special vessel is often required to draw water from the stream. Camping near a water source is not always possible or advisable, therefore you have to reckon with bringing water to the camp once or twice a day. Leaving the camp during the day in search of food or searching the area, you also need to take water with you.

Water saving
Water is a priceless treasure, so it must not be wasted. You never know, when it is possible to replenish supplies again.


There are many different types of containers that are designed to be both cold and cold, as well as hot liquids. These can be metal or plastic bottles or canteens, or special bags for carrying water – wineskins, which can be folded after emptying. Do not confuse water containers with fuel containers.

Metal thermos with a vacuum glass insert; for carrying hot and cold drinks.

Metal bottle
It is very durable, but heavy when filled with water.

A little wineskin
Such a container can be folded flat, when it's empty. Do not put it on the ground, because it is easy to puncture.

Sakwa u pass
Doping is over, a sealed pannier is perfect for walking or performing various field work. We have our hands free, and at the same time we can drink water at any time.

Canteen with a cup
A handy canteen with a lid, which can be used as a mug, as well as the lid of the thermos flask.

Plastic water bottle
Lekki, plastic container with rigid walls; useful during an expedition.

Big, plastic water bag
This canteen is very useful for carrying and holding water during longer camping trips. It can be hung on a branch from the side, from which the wind blows; then the water will be cool.

Foldable canteen
It is a traditional and convenient to use water container. Need caution, so as not to break the ribbon connecting the cap with the neck of the bottle. It is then easy to lose the cap.


Sometimes we are forced to camp away from the water source and bring large amounts of water every day, necessary for drinking, cooking, washing dishes. It is most convenient to carry a heavy water container on your back. Fill the canister or other container to the brim. Then the water will not overflow inside during transport.

Canister carrier
Make a rack for carrying a large container on your back.