Prawns on avocado

Prawns on avocado

I once ate this dish in an elegant restaurant
and I liked it very much.

Of course, you should buy some avocados
- and check if they are properly soft,
pressing gently on the skin of the fruit.

Nor can they be too soft,
because then they have an ugly brown color and they are not tasty.

Shrimp - May be frozen, or in a jar,
they can also be canned.

Frozen prawns need to be boiled for a few minutes
- those from the jar are ready to eat.

First you need to cut the avocado in half
(of course along the fruit) and remove the stone
- then gently peel the skin.

This way we get green cups,
where we put shrimp mixed with mayonnaise.

Serve on lettuce or arugula
and we decorate according to our own taste.