Fish knobs

Fish knobs

We can make fish knobs from virtually any fish.

You can buy fillets, or a whole fish,
but then you have to make it like this,
so that she would not have bones.

Fillets are finely chopped,
or ground by a razor,
combine with chopped eggs
hard-boiled and one raw,
we pour a handful of breadcrumbs and browned
onions in butter, add pepper and salt.

We mix the mass thoroughly - it's best to knead it by hand,
then we form balls and throw them in
to boiling decoction of vegetables.

After it has cooled down, you can pour jelly,
which we make on the basis of a decoction,
naturally by adding gelatin to it.

It can also be served with tartar sauce
or cover the balls with stewed vegetables
mixed with tomato paste.