Red borscht

Red borscht.

This is my beloved and signature soup.


Red borscht in my version

it has the color of red wine and tastes like ...


Try it yourself.


I buy medium-sized beets,

because it seems to me, that these are the tastiest.


Clean, I peel and cut into slices.

I pour cold water,

not more than five cm above the beet,

I put a handful of caraway seeds,

a handful of raisins,

I throw in a stock cube and a spoon of butter,

I add pepper, I cover with a lid

and leave it over low heat

at least an hour and a half.


Then, if I have beetroot leaven

I acidify the borscht with it,

and if I don't have, then I pour a small amount of vinegar.


You can also acidify the borscht with lemon juice.


I prefer vinegar though.


I serve this borscht with mashed potatoes

or with patties

or pancakes with meat.