What nature gives

Away from refrigerators, gas and electric cookers and other modern household appliances, collection, food storage and preparation becomes difficult, because it requires a complete change of current habits. Away from home, with his daily meal ritual and constant diet, we need to consider, what ingredients of the food and in what quantity are necessary. When staying in the field for a long time, it is difficult to provide the body with a full set of vitamins and minerals. However, to provide the body with basic nutrients, it is enough to eat meat and fish. While collecting edible plants or catching fish is not particularly difficult, so much hunting requires hunting skills. Besides, it can cost us so much effort, that in a situation, when we fight for survival, the waste of energy turns out to be disproportionate to the benefit of eating the hunted prey. In the field, most of the freshly harvested food is best eaten right away, before the heat, insects and bacteria will spoil it. If you stay in one place for a long time, you need to stockpile a lot of supplies and store them properly.


Usually we take a lot of different food products on the trip, but even without them, we can survive in the wild, feeding on what nature gives. You will find a wealth of food on the trail, that nature proposes – from succulent plants to edible invertebrates. Part of this food, even though you may find it impossible to eat, one day it may save you from starvation.