Pork carpaccio

Pork carpaccio

If anyone likes tartare, other raw meats
or fish,
such as herring or salmon,
it will be delighted with this dish.

We buy a nice piece of pork loin (3/4 kg)
and cut out all the fats and lines with a sharp knife.

Pour two teaspoons of sugar into the bowl,
two teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of pepper.

If someone likes interesting flavors, you can
add a pinch of cinnamon or a dash of ground cloves.

Mix the spices and coat the meat in them,
Cover the bowl with cling film and put it in the fridge.

At least twice a day, on the occasion,
when we take something out of the refrigerator,
we uncover the foil and coat it in the sauce,
which arose at the bottom of the bowl, meat.

After three days, the sauce should be absorbed into the meat,
after four we can already serve on the table.

We cut into thin slices.

Bon Appetit!!!