Seven sins in the sauna

Seven sins in the sauna.

The spectrum of mishaps is wide, but only some of them outrage the regular sauna visitors, those who use them on a regular basis. It just so happens that these are also the most common sins committed in the sauna.

The key not to be exposed to the attention of the staff or other people using the sauna is to know how to use the sauna and to read the regulations of the facility.

Isaac Newton once said:

What do we know, it's just a blob. What we don't know, it's the whole ocean.

In the case of the rules of using the sauna, this knowledge is not that extensive and it is really enough to learn a few rules, to enjoy the correct use of the sauna and to have comprehensive knowledge.

See what mistakes to avoid and do not commit any sin by going to the sauna.

Seven sins in using the sauna!

    • Use of the sauna in a bathing suit.

Reader, remember you are doing wrong when you use the sauna in a costume. You do twice as bad if you sit on the board in these swimming trunks. When using the costume, you can burn yourself in intimate areas, at high temperature, Your costume stinks, giving off unpleasant odors, additionally it destroys itself. If you are ashamed, go to the intimate sauna, where you will use the sauna alone or in company, in which you will not feel discomfort and have a naked sauna.

    • Loud conversations and comments in the sauna.

The sauna is not a fair! For many people who use the sauna, it is a place of relaxation, relaxing. The worst thing you can do is spoil their time, with your jokes or conversations about "old rifles". Postpone the conversation after the sauna session. How would you feel, if someone disturbed the time of your hobby by their behavior, the time you paid for.

    • Viewing the sauna through the glass, wriggle (climbing on 2 minutes to go out and come back after a while).

Nothing is more annoying than ventilating the sauna. It is usually used 10-15 minutes, if you enter the sauna on 2 minutes to leave immediately and then you come back, you are doing very badly. Sauna is not clubbing. It is frowned upon very badly, when you look into the sauna just like that through the glass, to see who is. This has a very bad effect on women's sauna attendance. Think you prefer to scare, whether it is pleasant to spend time in a mixed group. A little tact, gentlemen!

    • Entering the sauna complex without a shower.

Hygiene is essential, even if you've washed at home, then, after entering the complex with saunas, use the shower, for example. Needless to say, naked. Don't be afraid of water, others will follow your example. Remember, that you washed at home, doesn't mean I know it, why I or the staff should pay attention to you?

    • Use of the water bath pool after leaving the sled without showering.

Hygiene again. Do you like public transport in hot summer, someone sweating "sticks to you"? Probably not! Imagine a small well filled with water as well 50 people using the sauna during the day. They all forgot to wash after leaving the sauna. What do you feel? You want to get into that water now? Not? exactly, watching you forget about washing yourself after the sauna, you take away the pleasure of cooling down in cold water. Remember hygiene and hygiene again.

    • Sitting with your naked body on the boards, no towel placed under the body.

Hygiene again. You're sweating, it is dripping on the board, someone else is putting a towel there, which then wipes off. You would like to dry yourself with a towel on which someone was sitting with your bare bottom? Remember you are not using the sauna alone. Take two towels with you and use one for wiping and the other for under the body.

    • Pouring stones in the sauna, without first asking others for permission.

Don't make anyone happy. You want to pour stones, ask others, if you want to perform a ceremony in the sauna, ask if nobody will be bothered by it.

These are the seven sins, which are committed in the sauna by novices, caught by the community gathered on the blog's Fan Page.

Remember about these sauna rules, and on the spot, read the regulations of the facility where you will use the sauna.