How to use the Finnish sauna

How to use the Finnish sauna.

Not everyone knows that we should enter the sauna naked, but that's the truth, the benefits of the sauna can be used without any clothes or obstacles.

Zakładając że chce się korzystać prawidłowo i przestrzegać kultury saunowania i maksymalizować pozytywne doznania i operation of the sauna. Many people try to argue with this and explain themselves with their own shyness, style of upbringing, the fact that they use good quality costumes. Not the way, if you do something, do it right and follow the rules of the given facility. For those who are shy, there are intimate saunas where you can rent them for hours and use them properly, but without fear of your own shyness..

Jest wiele argumentów przemawiających za tym why do we use the sauna naked. The most important will be this:

  • the body should not be covered with a suit (especially when wet) because it can burn you (it is about proper saunas, i.e. we are sitting approx 10 minutes at temp 90 degrees)
  • the body does not give off and does not get heat if it is shielded, tight-fitting bathing suit, whether a tightly wrapped towel interferes with heat transfer in the sauna
  • a wet suit or towel leaves traces of sweat and secretions on the boards
  • cheap Chinese costume combined with a lack of thorough washing can cause an unpleasant odor

I will skip the purely experiential arguments, comfort of rest, sense of relaxation, etc..

Repeatedly in the pictures, Also posted on this blog you can meet the behavior not entirely correct, this is due to many reasons. Even if it is very prosaic, most photos are not available on the Internet, where the people in the sauna are naked, so photos are published that are partially close to the ideal. A ideałem jest nudity in the sauna.

So let's remember, regardless of what we see in the photos, e.g.. in some sauna zasady korzystania z sauny fińskiej są niezmienne.

  • We enter the sauna naked, after washing the whole body.
  • We leave the rubber slippers outside the sauna.
  • In the sauna, we sit with our naked body on a towel, we spread it under the entire surface of the body, under your feet too.
  • If the feeling of embarrassment is so great, that we feel the need to cover intimate areas, I recommend linen cloth, a towel as a last resort.
  • After leaving the sauna, remember to rinse the whole body thoroughly with cold water, an appropriate time to cool down the body, then, of course, an appropriate amount of rest.