Types of pepper spray

Types of pepper spray.

Pepper spray can be a great means of effective self-defense, the attacker here is hit by the irritant, which causes allergic reactions, skin irritations, and makes breathing much more difficult. We can choose a gas in the form of a gel, a spray or pistol pitcher. Which of these forms is the most effective??

Pepper spray in the gel
The substance is enclosed in a small container with a nozzle. After squeezing the trigger, gas comes out in a narrow gate. The advantage of this solution is the greater range, and less risk of hitting yourself in the wind. Unfortunately, a narrow stream of gas requires greater accuracy, and hence, keeping cool in an emergency.

Spray pepper spray
In this form, the substance is contained in a small spray. Pressing the trigger makes it, that the gas comes out in the form of a cloud, such as e.g.. hair spray. It has a shorter range than the gel, it is more susceptible to wind, but it is easier to hit an opponent or a larger group, even despite a lot of stress.

Pistol thrower
It works almost identically to the gel, but the container is built with an imitation of a weapon, which is an effective psychological factor. The attacker may get scared, that we have real firearms and there is a chance, that he would give up the attack.

Which one to choose?
Any form of pepper spray can be a very effective self-defense measure. Gels are characterized by a greater range and resistance to wind, but they require greater accuracy. The spray allows you to effectively hit a larger group of attackers despite the stress, however, be careful with the wind here, who can turn the cloud against us. The pitcher, however, may scare the attacker, however, it is larger than the gas in the container itself.