Polish attempts to modernize the armament

Polish attempts to modernize the armament.

The Polish arms industry due to the forced political situation for over 60 for years it remained crammed into the Soviet doctrine of production and supply of shooting equipment. Even the Czechs though, with your Cz-etka 75 they have captured the picky Western markets, they used caliber for the needs of their domestic services 9 mac i7, 62 tt… However, this does not mean at all, that in Poland not many attempts were made to modernize and outline development projects for weapons remaining in the states of the Polish People's Army, SB or MO. As usual, not wanting to be groundless, I will only use examples with which I had contact myself - it is best to indicate it on the example of our native ,,of a tin lumberjack ”which is the P83 Wanad pistol.

You can see it at first glance, that it is a mass product designed to arm unskilled simple soldiers, who had one task - to be collective cannon fodder according to the arithmetic of death. A rocket can destroy one city, so it is worth sacrificing one tactical relationship to destroy a rocket ... Cheap, with a banal structure, a relatively reliable gun in all this was the proverbial nail in the coffin for people, who planned missions with little chance of return. Pocisk9 mm makarow jest bardzo destrukcyjny – tępogłowicowy o niedużej w sumie prędkości wylotowej (ok. 300m/s) makes big holes in the opponent's body - the damage is nasty (I have seen several shots with this caliber) - small magazine capacity (just 8 cartridges) they offer chances for practically only a one-time action, a gdyby ta nie wyszła zawsze można było sobie palnąć w łeb… Widząc te niedoskonałości polscy specjalisci pokusili się o kilka zmian i ulepszeń oto one.

– Silencer pistol - SAFORYT - P83 version equipped with an integral silencer, inspired by the American S&The Mk0 ,,hush puppy,”Used by teams of NAVY SEALS operators during the Vietnam War. The saforite had a front sight on the muffler tip, enlarged trigger guard - the weapon was not automatic - after each shot, the slide had to be reloaded manually to remove the casing and insert another projectile into the chamber.

– P83m submachine gun - Vanada conversion made for the protection of M. Kadaffi, adapted to firing with continuous fire in a three-shot series - the switch with the fuse's flap to the three red dots position, powered from standard magazines - probably manufactured 12-20 pieces..

P-83 SPORT - precision shooting version equipped with enlarged manipulator levers, a longer barrel and a weight to weaken the recoil - with sport adjustable sights - such a gun was used by my shooting guru, multiple Polish champion Edward Trejda (thank you Edziu for everything)

– P-83 EXPORT - version created for foreign markets - adapted to the caliber 9 × 17 browning, equipped with a slotted rear sight, z nowymi ergonomicznymi okładkami rękojeści z innymi nacięciami chwytu przeładowywania na zamku – produkowana w wersjach chromowanych, two-colored and black mats.

– P-83 G- version for 9mm CS gas cartridges, CN and adapted to firing flares through the barrel screwed on the barrel - probably the best quality gas gun in the world - also used as a starter at sports competitions or a deterrent weapon through the use of boom ammunition

– P-83 Dummy - a rubber cast to be used during self-defense classes.

– P-83 SECTION - specimens with cutouts on the slide and the skeleton intended to demonstrate the work of individual mechanisms of the weapon - interestingly, the cost of making one Section exceeded approx. 10 times the sum of the creation of the combat version ...

– P-93 - a version of the P-83 intended to be its successor - a weapon without a wing fuse, with a firing pin and a trigger - elongated barrel and aiming line, glowing sights - in my opinion a very good pistol comparable to the Sig-Sauer P232.

I suspect, that there were many other versions, prototypes, which have been dropped and have not gone beyond the design offices.