Nówka or a stimulant? - advantages and disadvantages of buying a used detector

Nówka or a stimulant? - advantages and disadvantages of buying a used detector

Each searcher is faced at least once before having to choose a detector, and most of us in our exploratory careers have tried at least a few pieces of equipment on our own skin. The fundamental question is - new or used? In this article I will try to show you the advantages of both one, as well as a second approach to buying a detector.

One of the essential starting criteria when looking for a detector for yourself is the wealth of your wallet. Not everyone can afford a one-off expense of several thousand zlotys, Not everyone will also be allowed to do so by his wife - which is why he usually starts with cheaper detectors, costing about PLN 1000. The economic factor is the main argument behind second-hand equipment. Zakup używki pozwala nam sięgnąć po sprzęt o klasę wyższy niż nówki w tej cenie, and the smaller the budget, the difference between new and used detectors is more significant.

A perfect example from our yard is the price of a new one, the still extremely popular Garrett Ace 250. For the equivalent of a new canary, nota bene a detector with very average characteristics, we can afford used equipment with both ground balance, as well as a wide range of adjustments, and also real VDI. Although I will write about the specificity of matching equipment to the needs on another occasion, with a budget of up to PLN 2,000, the drug will always give you more possibilities than the new detector, above, this line begins to blur. Does it make sense to buy a new detector??

There it is. You need to pay attention to the basic fact - a metal detector for an electronic device, who do not like unfavorable weather conditions, and it is used in a not very friendly environment. The components of the detector are exposed to constant mechanical stress resulting from use, and the ubiquitous pollution and water only aggravate the situation. Although the producers try to make their inventions reasonably resistant, it is the sum of the aforementioned factors and the use of which is not always safe for the equipment leads to many problems. The stability of the detector operation depends on its condition - the detector is damaged, even if the damage looks trivial, is likely to malfunction, making it difficult or even impossible to search.

The new detector puts these problems off our minds, and also protects against future, because each manufacturer offers a guarantee for their equipment. Unfortunately, the service of specific brands is very different, because both time, as well as the quality of warranty repairs in Poland is a matter that is still controversial and the purchase of new equipment does not necessarily mean, that we have had problems with our heads for several years. Therefore, it is worth making sure before buying a new one, that the dealer is the official distributor and explain the service issues.

Coming back to the topic of stimulants. What you should pay attention to, so as not to be tricked into the bottle by a dishonest seller? Contrary to appearances, even experienced seekers have "mishaps". While the mechanical damage to the frame is easy to see even in the photos, it's such disadvantages, like a cable break, damage to the coil or flooding the electronics will not show us any photos. Therefore, when buying a used detector, it's worth taking it in hand before buying it or having someone check it, who will be able to judge, the detector is working properly. Dobrą praktyką jest też wynegocjowanie ze sprzedającym okresu rozruchowego, which allows you to check the detector and in case of doubts as to its performance, send back and get your money back.

summarizing, there is no perfect recipe for the question, or better new, or a used detector. Osobiście posiadałem wykrywacze używane i nowe. In the case of a budget of up to PLN 2,000, I recommend buying a stimulant in good condition - most prospectors take care of their equipment and there is no problem with its operation when changing the owner, and for the same money we have more possibilities. If anyone tells you, that the search is only happiness, then you can sympathize with him for missing valuable signals. Nothing discourages a beginner detectorist more than an ineffective detector - and such should be considered equipment of low quality and poor adaptability to the search.. The last plus of stimulants is this, that if we get bored of a given detector, will cease to be sufficient, etc.. is its selling price, unless we have ruined the equipment in the meantime, will be virtually identical to the acquisition.