Ways of catching fish


One-sided trap
In small ravines flooded with sea water, you can build hatchways from boulders, which will limit a certain area. At low tide, the fish will not manage to escape from the resulting pool. Where there is no high shore or cliff, you can make a circle of stones. The gaps between the stones must be filled with pebbles, lest the fish run away.

A double-sided trap
Make two stone ones, murki converging along the course of the river. Fish going with the current will move along the walls, therefore they must end up in the isthmus. There you can set a trap.


1 Fish do not like muddy reservoirs, because there is no oxygen in such water and it is difficult for them to breathe. Choke the water by digging through the mul with your foot. The fish should then come to the surface.

2 Move the net slowly; pull it out quickly, when the fish is inside and go ashore. Tighten the hole in the mesh, so that the fish cannot jump out.


Some fish can be caught with a net with bait inside. Use a net made of a T-shirt or a sock.
Thread the ends of the forked stick through the edge of the sock. Put the bait in the net, for example fish waste or animal droppings, and pull in the opposite direction to the current of the river.

Fishing for eels with bait – Eels are often lured with animal waste or droppings.


■ Water can always be dangerous, whether it is calm or fast, shallow or deep. Even a fall on wet rocks can end tragically.

■ Think and plan each stage of your catch; imagine all possible accidents, try to prevent them.

■ Fish very easily slip out of the hands and run into the water. Consider, how you will pull the caught fish ashore.

■ Dangers lurk under the water, starting with the possibility of getting tangled up in seaweed, encounter dangerous animals like crocodiles, to deep pits in unforeseen places or too fast current. Do not go into the river or stream, even if you can see the bottom.

■ Never jump into unfamiliar water. If you want to bathe or swim, explore the area first.

■ Watch out for makeshift equipment, for example, a javelin, when it breaks, you can fall into the water.