Rubbing two pieces of wood – Lighting a bonfire

Rubbing two pieces of wood – Lighting a bonfire.

1 Cut a stick out of hardwood; you will use it like a drill. The stick should be approx 10 cm in length and 4 cm thick. Tighten both ends, one of them must be quite sharp.
2 Znajdź płaski kawałek miękkiego drewna, for example, balsa or pine trees. Cut a V-shaped notch in one side of the wood. By screwing a stick like a drill into a piece of wood, you will do it, that some of the wood would burn.
3 Wyżłób mały otwór obok nacięcia, which the pointed end of the stick would fit. The hot ash generated by the quick rotation of the stick falls through the incision onto the tinder underneath.

4 Make a handle from a small piece of wood. Drill a hole in the center of the handle that matches the jagged end of the stick.

5 Cut the length of the stick 60 cm and thickness 2 cm of hardwood, slightly arched. Tie a string loosely to its ends as a bowstring. Leave enough slack, so that the string can be wrapped around the drill stick.

6 Remove the bark from the center of the drill” and wrap the string around the stick. Place tinder under the notch in the board. Put the sharp end of the drill stick into the recess in the plank.
Place the handle of a piece of wood against the top end of the stick. Press the drill bit down with one hand, with the other, set them in rotation by pushing and pulling the bow with the string. There should be a puff of smoke soon, hot ash will begin to collect in the hole, which, falling through the incision, ignites tinder.


Fire can be kindled more easily than with a bow with a bowstring. The stick is made to rotate by quickly turning it in your hands. This method is only effective then, when we have very dry wood. While turning the stick in your hands, you should constantly press it against the wood.

Manual kindling.
Rubbing the wood with a stick, which we set in motion with our hands, it is easier than using a bowstring tux, but also less effective.