sauerkraut salad

sauerkraut salad.

This is a great salad rich in vitamin C,
which we can serve with any fried fish,
or fried meat.

It is especially tasty on winter days.

Of course, the taste of the salad depends a lot on the quality of the cabbage,
that's why I advise you to buy in familiar places,
or try before buying.

Cabbage must not be too sour
and it certainly should not be acidified with vinegar.

The salad is made quickly:
I press the juice first, I cut into shorter strands,
I put it into a salad bowl, I put a lot of cumin,
I pour olive oil and add apple grated on a coarse grater.

Some housewives also add grated carrots.

Red cabbage salad.

This salad goes great with everyone
roasted meats and poultry.

It takes a bit of work.

First, we shred the red cabbage
and blanch in boiling water for five minutes.

We strain through a colander
and waiting for it to cool down
chop the onion finely (not too much),
an apple peeled,
pickled cucumber, also peeled.

When the cabbage is cool, we connect her
with onion, apple and cucumber,
we salt, pepper to taste and pour olive.

That's all!