Lard in paprika

Lard in paprika

This specialty was prepared at our home by my dad.

It is not a complicated task,
and the effects are fantastic.

Lard prepared in this way, thinly sliced,
placed on bread - it tastes better than many cold cuts.

It also has these advantages, that it is very cheap
and at the same time much healthier than cold meats
stuffed with fixers and fillers.

It's best to buy lard from a butcher,
at a nearby market.

You have to skin it
(will be usefull, while we cook the cabbage soup).

Cut out any unevenness elegantly
and divide into pieces with a width 4 cm.

We salt generously and leave it for an hour.

Then sprinkle with sweet paprika.

We leave it wrapped for a few days
in the paper, in a refrigerator.

And that's all!
For me and my sons, this unleavened bacon
tastes more than sophisticated and not cheap kindziuk.