Chicken broth, pasta for broth

Chicken broth, pasta for broth

Proponuję tradycyjny Sunday chicken soup,
which we cook the previous day.
It is best cooked with many types of meat.

There should be a piece of beef in the pot (stock, of course),
a piece of chicken, there may also be a turkey neck, a piece of pork will not hurt,
and it will be a miracle, when a piece of mutton is found there.

Wash the meat first, pour cold water over it and put it down
on a tiny fire – let them boil even half a Saturday.

Of course, we traditionally add steam
seeds of angelic herb, bay leaf, we salt and
we are doing something else.

And let the broth roast.
One hour before making the broth from the fire, put the soup vegetables,
good if we also throw in a piece of Italian cabbage.

Together with the Italian I add a pinch, or two,
curry spices (thanks to her I get beautiful
golden color and spicy flavor).

You can also add onion in shell, which we bake beforehand,
in fact, we burn it over the fire.


Noodles for broth
we can also cook in advance, but let's not forget honestly
pour it in a colander with cold water, so that it does not stick together.

I propose to serve it in a bowl on the table
diced carrots removed from the broth, and in the second,
smaller, chopped parsley.

Not everyone likes carrots in broth, or parsley,
but there are gourmets, who can not imagine
yourself without these additions of a real broth.