Krupnik is soup, just like the broth,


especially on frosty days,

or when we have a cold.

The barley barley soup is the best.

But you have to have some time,

to cook it.

On some pork chop,

or even on a stock cube

we cook pearl barley with bay leaf

and a few grains of allspice

- until it is soft.

Sometimes and maybe two hours.

Once it becomes sticky,

add grated barley to the barley

striped carrot, parsley

and some celery.

Cut the leek into small strips.

Finally, we throw it into the pot

diced potatoes.

I also season the barley soup

a little thyme, a little marjoram

and a little curry spice.

When the potatoes are soft,

the cooking of the barley soup is complete.

Serve with green parsley,

which greatly enhances the taste and

the aesthetics of the soup.

Krupnik cooked on finer groats

takes less time, and it can also be delicious