Cabbage with peas

Cabbage with peas

Cabbage with peas is a fasting dish,
which is served in many homes on the Christmas Eve table.

My family like this dish so much,
that I cook them more than once a year.

I advise you to buy unshelled peas.

First of all, that's why, that the peas are not shelled,
it is rich in magnesium, cobalt, iron phosphorus,
fiber, vitamin A and B-complex.

Secondly, it will not overcook during cooking
for pulp and peas will be nice
palatable in the cabbage.

First, we soak the peas - the most convenient thing
put it on for the night.

We boil the peas in water, in which he was soaked.

Add a tablespoon of linseed oil and cook until soft.

Put the sauerkraut in the second pot.

If it's very acidic, then you can squeeze the juice
- but you have to remember, that the acidity of the cabbage
will level the peas.

At the beginning of stewing the cabbage, water it with water
and a little oil.

It's good to mix it every now and then
and check that it does not burn.

Peas and cabbage (in separate pots) need to boil a little.

My family like this consistency
this dish, when the cabbage is almost overcooked.

When the cabbage is soft and the peas are too -
we combine cabbage with peas
and we stew it together for a while, seasoning the aftertaste
- so salting, fucking.

I am adding a pinch of turmeric,
which makes, that the dishes are golden in color
and it looks very tasty.