Home with gifts

Home with gifts

1 Brykiety z darni lub torfu zastępują cegłę, the wall is laid out of them without the use of mortar. The construction of a turf house should begin with cutting out a few briquettes of the same size. The turf should be cut into briquettes similar to bricks.

2 Arrange the first layer of briquettes while marking the outline of the walls of the hut. Leave a gap in the front wall for entry. Subsoil, on which the cottage rises, it must be flat, even and hard. Take note, that it would have to bear the considerable weight of the bog walls and the roof without foundations.

3 Gradually raise the walls of the hut by stacking briquettes like this. how the bricks are arranged. Check after each layer, whether the wall is vertical and sufficiently stable. Try to maintain a right angle between the walls at all times.

Place each of the free bricks on the joint of two briquettes underneath it.

4 Ścianę frontową podciągnij wyżej niż tylną, obtaining a roof slope, which should be inclined towards, generally blowing winds. It is easier for rain to run down the sloped roof and for snow to slide.

The door frame is best made of wooden logs. The crossbeam should be strong enough, to withstand the weight of several layers of briquettes.

5 Dach pokryj płatami torfu, grass up. Patch any holes in the walls with clay. After weeks of rain, wind and sun the turf walls will turn smooth, strong, polished and cohesive wall.