Zrazy wrapped

Zrazy wrapped

This dish is also laborious,
what delicious.

So when we have some time and feel like it
for an original dinner,
let's get a decent piece of beef for cutlets.

The meat must be cut quite thin,
but big slices. We break them down very hard,
we salt and pepper.

Place on the prepared meat
strips of lard, or bacon, pickled cucumber strips,
strips of not very fresh bread and more or less
half a slice of onion.

We wrap it all up very tightly, like a roulade.

You can try to clip the obtained in this
way slips with toothpicks.

I twist them and tie them with thread
and this method guarantees,
that the slips will not fall apart during the stewing.

Slips are the most convenient to do,
which they have more or less 5-7 cm in length.

Fry the roulades in hot fat,
for example lard.

When I fry on all sides,
I water it, I am throwing in a bay leaf
and allspice, I cover the saucepan
and stew the meat, until it's soft.

And when it's soft?
– depends on the quality of the meat.