Few of the housewives today cook dumplings.

Fact - there is some work to do with this dish.

I think, that as a kindness to ours
household members, it is worth the effort.

We make dumplings from boiled and raw potatoes.

Crush the cooked and mashed potatoes
and grate the raw ones as for potato pancakes.

Impress the juice from the grated potatoes,
to obtain a fairly dry and compact mass.

Then we connect both masses
and knead it thoroughly on the board.

And now we're shooting little balls
at most in diameter 2,5 cm
and in each of them we make a hole with our finger,
actually a tiny dimple.

Thanks to this, the pyza will flatten a little
and the dimple will be a great place for lush
- that is, melted bacon, butter or some sauce.

We put dumplings on salted boiling water
and catch them in a slotted spoon
3 minutes after surfacing.

You can cook further portions of dumplings in the same water.

When dumplings were served at my house,
it was not allowed to pour out the water,
which remained after cooking them.

My dad used to drink it with great relish
and contentment.

He probably had an acid problem,
and such a decoction of potatoes
is a wonderful medicine
for stomach problems.