Cold legs in jelly

Cold legs in jelly

This is a typical Polish dish, tasty and healthy.

Admittedly, it takes some time, to prepare them.

Cold legs are the tastiest then,
when together with pork legs
we cook a little pork knuckle.

And these specialties have to be cooked for a long time - a couple of hours.

Until the moment, when peeking into a pot
we'll see, that the meat is jelly-like
and it goes away from the bones.

We remove the pork legs
first a tuft of hair,
(effective, tried method is
tanning those hairs over the gas),
wash thoroughly and
put it in the pot together with the pork knuckle,
we pour it all with cold water,
we add salt, allspice,
bay leaf, we cover with a lid,
we put on medium low heat
and we go to other activities.

Let them play.

Add one hour before the end of cooking
a lot of Italian, but no cabbage.

You can put in a few mustard seeds
and sprinkle a pinch of ground ginger.

When the pot with these delicacies has cooled down,
pour it through a colander to the second pot
and with great patience
we separate the meat from the bones.

Chop the meat into small pieces with a sharp knife.

Broth, which was created during the cooking of the legs
with a pork knuckle (of course strained)
pour over the chopped meat.

Finally, we add a few cloves
the garlic squeezed through the press.

Stir and pour into a small bowl,
or even to large ones, if we don't have small ones.
Put in the fridge for a few hours, until they meet.

We serve with lemon, or if you prefer,
with vinegar, and they taste best with pickled mushrooms.