Flipping a footbridge – traversing the swamps

Flipping a footbridge

1 Start building the footbridge by transferring a long log to the other side. This is done by lowering it gradually on two ropes. During lowering, the end of the log should rest against the shorter beam, held in place by pegs driven into the ground. The first log is lowered on ropes, that it is perpendicular to the shore.

2 After placing the first log, you can slide the second one over it. When the end of the second log is on the opposite bank, you should roll it like this, so that it lies evenly next to the first. The closer the logs lie to each other, the better. Move the second rod over the first until it rests on the opposite bank.

3 After two logs you can get to the other side. After walking, a short beam should be placed under the logs, so that they do not sink into the ground. At the beam, Wooden pegs should be hammered in on both sides of the footbridge, so that the logs do not slide apart.

4 A third log is laid along the first two. Now, also on this side, place a log under the logs and secure it with pegs against rolling. The footbridge can be made any wide, but usually three logs provide a comfortable passage.

Walking through swamps and quakes


You can swim in many wetlands and swamps, or rather float. In the event of a fall, you should lie flat on the surface, spreading your arms and legs as wide as possible, so as not to drown. When crossing a swamp, you can first try to run quickly by jumping from a tuft of grass to a tuft. As soon as you start to collapse, drop your backpack immediately and lie on your back. In this position, you can move your arms and legs slowly towards the edge of the swamp. Don't panic or make too sudden movements. Extend your arms and legs, trying to float to the surface

With the help of

If someone is near the person, which the quagmire begins to suck in, he should lie down on the edge of the swamp as soon as possible and give the drowning person a long stick. Pulling the stick towards him, the drowning man is taken out. Again, don't panic or make sudden movements, because then it sinks to the bottom even faster. Only slow movements can help the rescuer. A drowning person can lie on a backpack, then it floats more easily on the surface. The backpack placed under the body allows you to distribute the weight better and slows down the sinking into the quagmire.