Tenderloin with apricot

Tenderloin with apricot

I recommend this dish for an elegant dinner.

Prepares fairly quickly, because the pork tenderloin,
from which they are prepared,
they are soft and do not require long frying.
Wash the tenderloins, we dry and divide into pieces
about the length 7 cm.

Use a sharp knife with a sharp point to drive in
into the tenderloin making a kind of tunnel along the meat.

Then we put into the obtained in this way
hole dried apricots, we salt the meat,
we pepper and put them on a hot frying pan
with olive with a piece of butter
and fry after 3 minutes on each side.

Then we pour as many small ones
glasses of slivovitz how many pieces do we have
tenderloin in the pan, we cover
and we can put this dish on the table
- preferably straight from the pan.

They taste delicious with potatoes
with water, chicory salad and avocado.