Safe climbing – grips and steps

When traveling in wild terrain, you should climb only then, when the obstacle cannot be circumvented or otherwise avoided. Also, you should never attempt to climb alone; in the event of a fall or injury, there will be no one, who could call for help or dress wounds. Safe climbing is governed by the old and proven principle of three points of support – the climber is slow to reach the next grip or step, if the other three limbs, for example, feet and hand, probably based on scale. All movements should be made calmly, transfer the weight of the body in a controlled manner, not to lose balance when going from one point to another. Try to feel the rock – whether it is not brittle and what friction it gives. If we have a rope, you should use it.


The skilful use of the grips and steps available in the wall is the basis of safe climbing. Check by lightly tapping the scale before putting your foot down or catching a grip, whether it is not fragile. You have to look for holds close to your head, do not lean out on your fingertips. When climbing, you should primarily use steps, climb with "legs", saving the weaker arms by nature.

Side grip

In the wall you can find very useful handles on the side; help to keep balance. Such holds are especially convenient, if you can put your thumb around them on the other side.


A narrow rock strip can be used as a step by placing the shoe sideways on it, the inner edge of the sole to the rock. If we press him hard against her, this step provides some support.

Chocking the hand

Instead of grabbing the grip, you can wedge your hand or clench your fist in the fissure. You can pull yourself up on a wedged hand, when there is no good grip around.


Large, a horizontal indentation in the rock is a comfortable step, called a pocket. When using it, you must skillfully balance your body by shifting the center of gravity upwards.

Grip grip

On the weak, place your whole hand flat and grasp it with your fingers, which resembles a squeeze with forceps.

Degrees of friction

If there are no comfortable steps, you can rest your foot against a sloping rock by using the force of friction. You have to try to put up the entire sole and slowly put some weight on the leg.