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Predicting the weather – observation of nature

Much folk wisdom about weather comes from years of observation and has rational justifications, such as these, which speak of a red sunrise or an enveloped moon as an announcement of a change in weather. In addition to the phenomena in the sky and …

Predicting the weather by looking at the clouds

Weather is a group of atmospheric phenomena, that take place in a specific place and time. This is different from the climate, which permanently determines the phenomena in a given area, that it only applies to a specific moment. Local weather changes are caused by differences in air pressure and temperature. …

Adaptation of man to the environment

Thanks to their intelligence and ingenuity, people have taken over all environments on the globe, beyond the oceans. Individual communities have adapted this way biologically, and civilization to the conditions in the area, who live. For centuries primitive peoples owe their survival to life …

The influence of the environment

With each, even in the most dangerous situation, you can get out alive, even when you do not have great endurance or physical strength, as long as you have the right mental attitude. Nature has made, that man has a great ability to survive, even under the most extreme conditions. His …

Adaptation of animals to the environment


This small and fast-moving rodent is characterized by a fast metabolism. In winter, when food is hard to come by, falls asleep, and then his heart beats slower, blood stops so quickly …

Ecological hypocrisy

Ecological hypocrisy

Planet Earth is dying - we hear it at every step. Environmental movements are spreading more and more. However, I have an impression, that we as scouts, we are still sitting in the middle ages on the issues of sustainable use of resources.

The scout loves nature and tries to do it

How good to start the day?

How good to start the day?

Scout sleepy, he is a cranky scout. And if it comes to a bad morning… It's just a failure! So start your day with these simple ways!

Your body is like a machine. It needs rest to function well, starting and fuel. Jeśli

How to use the steam sauna

How to use the steam sauna.

A steam bath or a steam sauna, just like any type of sauna, has its own rules of use których powinniśmy przestrzegać by w pełni korzystać z uroków kąpieli parowej.

Some behaviors and cues are shared independently …

Infrared sauna (infrared)

Infrared sauna (infrared).

About infrared sauna, also known as infrared or "red" sauna, its effect on beauty and health and other positive effects.

Sauna infrared to sauna, in which the air temperature varies within 40 – 65°C, is …

How to use the Finnish sauna

How to use the Finnish sauna.

Not everyone knows that we should enter the sauna naked, but that's the truth, the benefits of the sauna can be used without any clothes or obstacles.

Assuming you want to use it correctly and adhere to the sauna culture, and maximize it …