Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup

I like the cabbage soup the most

cooked on pork skins.

There can also be a knuckle - even better!

Both pork knuckles and skins

they have to cook for a long time.

And long-boiled cabbage also gives

unique taste sensations.

So a combination of these two ingredients

guarantees culinary success.

Cabbage, depending on whether it is

very sour, or not - I press the juice.

Then I cut it and put it in the pot,

in which they have been thrashing for over an hour

the aforementioned skins,

or knuckle.

I rub some carrots,

but not too much repair,

I'm adding allspice,

bay leaf,

a pinch of ground ginger,

a pinch of ground nutmeg

and two, three cloves of garlic.

I cook it all for an hour more.

I cook the potatoes for the cabbage soup separately,

in a little water

with the addition of butter and vegetta.

When the potatoes are soft,

I pour it into a pot of cabbage

and the cabbage soup is ready!