Split pea soup

Split pea soup

Pea soup is a favorite soup

almost all gentlemen.


You have to make it with smoked meat,

can be e.g.. smoked bacon,

and at worst it may be

cooked on sausage.


However, pea soup cooked on bacon

it has a much nobler flavor.


First, I soak the peas.


It's best to set it for the night,

to start cooking pea soup in the morning.


Pour into a pot with smoked meat

soaked peas together with water,

in which he soaked, we add Italian,

a good amount of marjoram, we salt,

add bay leaf and allspice.


Half an hour before the end of cooking

add diced potatoes.


The pea soup should be dense - that's what gentlemen like.


However, I also like female pea soup,

when the spoon does not necessarily stand upright in the plate.