Intimate sauna advantages

Intimate sauna advantages.

I am fond of intimate saunas, because it is there that many people take their first steps in sauna., often familiarizing oneself with the current sauna culture immediately.
This was also the case with me and some of my friends, I know, że gdyby nie ta kameralna sauna i jej zalety, probably many of us would not get the sauna bug to this day.
So is an intimate co-educational sauna the best to start with??

Intimate saunas in their strength ...

I look at the emerging new facilities with great appreciation, in which the sauna is an addition to the main offer, its complement, as it were.
She appears, in small swimming pools where there has been no sauna so far, in beauty salons, beauticians etc.. These are perhaps not quite large saunas and it is difficult to compare them with the offer of saunas in the Aquapark or sauna zones in leading Polish resorts. Usually it's small 3-4 personal Finnish saunas, more than once run on 30 minutes before the client's arrival. They do not pose to companies, which placed them in their possession of some enormous income, they function more as a supplement to the offer. Customer retention for longer, making it possible to use the solarium and sauna treatments in one place for relaxation.

Often these places are nicely decorated, so that despite the small space they make an impression, that someone was bothered, to give us a sense of comfort, convenience and complete relaxation.
Such facilities, even those with more austere interiors, located somewhere in a small room at the back of the swimming pool hall, are of great interest. Often reserved exclusively for groups of friends for a period 2-3 hours, it happens, that if you want to use, you need to make an appointment or confirm in advance, that the sauna is not exclusively reserved. That is why there are more and more such private saunas recently. Sometimes they stay hidden somewhere, are not included in the offer of the facility, they don't have a website, and word of them spreads through word of mouth.

Advantages of a chamber sauna

Jedni lubią posiadać duży wybór saun w jednym miejscu innym starczy jedna lub dwie sauny do wyboru i 60 minutes for sauna, każdy lubi co chce, but it is impossible not to mention a few advantages of intimate facilities.

  • Co-educational sauna – zazwyczaj każda kameralna sauna jest koedukacyjna. The perfect solution for a few friends, who are going to bask, and the company is mixed. Nobody makes artificial divisions, usually at the entrance 3-4 no one else is allowed in and not enough, that we only have a sauna for ourselves, it is fully co-educational. Each such facility makes its own rules for same-sex use, but considering that most of the use of the sauna is after booking, rather no problem, for someone to be surprised, that a stranger enters his sauna. I have used such small saunas many times and on the fingers of one hand I can count the situations, in which another client was reaching during my use.
  • The intimacy of the sauna – sauna kameralna z samej definicji jest kameralna, in sauna areas, in which it is 5 and more types of sauna, large area a lot of customers at a time, it happens that not everyone can keep silence and 90 minutes of rest is not rest time, because someone is talking all the time. Therefore, I recommend that you consider an intimate sauna, where, with a bit of luck, we will only be alone in the sauna. Peace and quiet ensured.
  • The price of the sauna – tu chyba największa niespodzianka, price-time correlation. An hour's stay in such a Finnish sauna can cost us 5-8 zloty, what in the statement, e.g.. z 30 PLN in water parks or larger facilities can be competitive. Assuming, that we use the sauna correctly, e.g.. session cycle 10-15 minutes in the sauna, then cooling, e.g.. z 5 minutes rest after cooling with 10 minutes, we already have together 25 minutes, that is, we are doing one more such session, Total 50 minutes, we are left 10 minutes. Is it profitable to have a choice when using the sauna in this way? 5 we will not use saunas anyway. Dlatego moim zdaniem sauna fińska kameralna to najlepsze rozwiązanie, when you only have an hour.
  • Temperature in the sauna – tu kolejna zaleta sauny w kameralnych obiektach, a small rotation and reservation of the sauna causes, that there are no excursions and the constant opening of the door, which affects it again, that the heated sauna keeps the temperature and our body quickly absorbs heat.
  • Perfect for shy women - you want to go to the sauna with your employees, suddenly most of it crumbles, only the shy Kasia from accounting is left, who would go to the sauna, nawet z Tobą „samcze jeden” no ale tak do takiej gdzie nie ma tyle osób, because she is ashamed, She is ashamed of you too, but maybe it would be easier for her to undress on the spot, where there are no other people. Women have a problem with nudity (woman in the sauna, kobieta w jakuzzi) that's how they do, but the intimate sauna is a good place to overcome this resistance.
  • Cleanliness – w miejscach gdzie bywałem, after each client an employee comes in and checks, is everything OK, he also looks in during the sauna, to see if no one has fallen and does not need help.
  • Transparent rules of use – sauna to wydatek dla właściciela obiektu, customers pay little, so the owners take care of the sauna, stove etc.. Therefore, there are transparent rules for using the sauna and appropriate regulations. Nobody can tell here anymore, that he is ashamed, that he was short of a towel, because most of them have an exclusive sauna. And most importantly, the regulations are enforced, it's also thanks to this, that in such a facility we do not drown in the crowd and it is much more difficult to break the regulations.
  • Conversation in the sauna – dla wielu sauna to tez możliwość spotkania się ze znajomymi, conversation. When we have such an exclusive sauna, it is much easier - we do not disturb anyone.