Necessary kit

In situations where you have to fight for survival, having some of the most essential items can prove to be vital in life. These are the items you should always carry with you, preferably in a small airtight, metal container, such, which would fit in your pocket. Whenever, when you go to the wild side, you must ensure that other items necessary for survival are not lost or damaged, not included in the base set.
At least some of them can be worn around your neck, tied on a strong string and tucked under your clothes, so that they do not get caught while tearing through the bushes. Put each item under a separate layer of clothing, so that they do not hit each other during the march. You should choose items for the basic set according to your own needs.

Tobacco container
You should keep the basic set small, metal container, necessarily closed tightly. For this, you can use, for example, a tobacco can. It is good to cover it with adhesive tape, additionally sealing.

Equipment, who saves lives
The most important items of equipment should be in a small one, metal container with a tightly fitting lid.

Safety pins
Use them to fasten garments or repair a tent or sleeping bag.

Fishing line
Take a strong fishing line, on which you can catch a fish, or use it to attach makeshift tools.

A coil of thin wire
The wire can be used in various ways and, which is very important, to use repeatedly. It has to be thin enough, so that it is easy to bend, but also it shouldn't break too easily.

Fish hooks and sinkers
Pack at least a few small hooks into the set, floats and sinkers. You can catch a small hook on a small one, and a big fish.

The polished bottom of a metal box, where you keep the core set, or a special mirror can be used to give signs and summon help in distress. By looking through the hole in the center of the mirror, you can direct the reflected sun's rays to the side of the passing plane.

Miniature compass
It should be included in the set. Best, if it is fluorescent.

In the basic set, it is used to start a fire rather than to illuminate it. Do not use tallow stumps, because they melt in hot weather.

Buy waterproof matches or impregnate ordinary matches yourself by covering them with a thin layer of wax. Scratch off the wax before use.

Adhesive bandages
Take different plasters with you. They protect the injured areas from infection, and when stuck on an abrasive heel, they prevent a painful wound.

Needles, threads and buttons
Several sewing needles should be included in the kit – necessarily with a large mesh – and a ball of coarse, strong thread, the best impregnated. Wrap the threads around the needles and put them in a plastic bag. Large buttons can be useful for securing the tent half.

Water disinfectant tablets
Keep them in case, when you cannot boil drinking water, which comes from a suspicious source.

Keep them just in case, and take it when it is really necessary.

Wire ball
Easy to use, and although it takes patience, it can cut almost any material. Keep it in a plastic bag, coated with grease, so that it does not damage other items in the container.

It can have many uses. Keep it in its original packaging.

Magnifying glass
By directing a beam of sunlight focused in the lens at the dry wood, you can cause it to glow and ignite the fire..

It is an invaluable component of the set; we can use it to record the data on the course of the hike, draw a makeshift plan or write it down, which plants on the trail are edible.

Necessary for survival. If you do not replenish the salt losses in the body caused by the excretion of sweat and urine, you can get sick.

Plastic bag
Such a strong bag serves various purposes. It can carry water from a stream or collect condensation from plants.

Potassium permanganate
The crystals of this substance are an excellent disinfectant. Dissolved in water in high concentration, take the color of intense purple, they can also act as fungicides.

You should never part with the most necessary items of equipment, especially in wild terrain. Protect them against loss or damage, because far from cities and shops there is no chance of replacing them or repairing them. It is best to fasten them on a strong string and wear them around the neck. When they are not needed, hide them under your clothes, so as not to damage them.