Making a toboggan

1 Find the forking branch. Connect its ends with strings to the beginning of the branch, so that they curve into arcs. They will also serve as skids.

2 The string that touches the ground will wipe quickly, therefore attach strengthening sticks to the runners, which will be the support for the whole.

3 The plane of the toboggan is made up of transverse sticks attached to longitudinal sticks, strengthening.

4 The more you tie the cross sticks, the stronger the plane will be, on which you will put your luggage.

The toboggan is loaded
Wrap items in a tarpaulin or nylon coat, tie tightly and attach well to the plane and the toboggan.

The icy wind
The wind in the polar countries is very dangerous; the air then seems several times colder, than the actual temperature indicates. Increase in wind speed causes, that the air becomes very cold.