A makeshift bed

A makeshift bed

1 Jeśli nie masz śpiwora, you must prepare your bedding. On the ground, lay several wooden beams in parallel, so that they form a makeshift bed. The beams must be long enough, that they protrude beyond the head and legs when they lie down.

2 W każdym rogu takiego łóżka wbij w ziemię ostro zakończony palik pamiętając, so that the beams fit tightly to each other. The stakes will protect the beams against
sliding apart.

3 Cover the beams with a thick layer of grass, to remove any unevenness in the bed – bark or knots.

4 Arrange several layers of fine twigs, leaves, ferns, thanks to which an insulating layer of air will be created. Vegetation should cause such an elect, what springs give in a real bed.

5 The extra layer of grass and soft plants must be thick enough, so that it can be used as a mattress, or you can make a pillow out of grass.