1 Bend the green twig and gradually bend it along its entire length, until it becomes pliable.

2 Use a knife to peel the bark from the inside of the bow. Then it will be easier to bend it into the right shape.

3 Cut both ends of the twig like this, so that they fit together when joined.

4 Bend the twig into the bow; Tie the ends tightly with a string.

5 Tie two short sticks in the middle with a string. Likewise, connect two more pairs of similar-length sticks.

6 Attach three pairs of sticks across the bent twig; the foot will rest on them.

7 Thread a string between the sticks and the twig, creating a mesh similar to the tension in a tennis racket. This mesh will help distribute the weight of the foot.

8 Attach the finished snowshoe to your boots with a string. Its use allows you to distribute the weight of the body over a larger surface; the snow then does not fall so easily.