How to make a simple rack


1 Cut off the forking branch approx 30 cm below the space, where it forks. Check it out, is it too heavy. Align the forked ends to a height of approx 1 metra.

2 Make cuts on all three branches. Tie pieces of rope or thick twine at the end of the forked ends. They will replace the stripes, which allow you to put a backpack with a frame over your shoulders.

3 Tie the ends of the cords to the notch at the bottom of the rack. Check it out, does the "straps" fit well after attaching the back support, they are not too loose or too tight.

4 Things, which you need to move, Wrap it in a canvas or a waterproof coat and tie it as tightly as possible. Then tie the entire package to the rack on the reverse side, than "stripes”.

5 Do not overload a makeshift rack (although the one shown in the photos could carry quite a lot of luggage). Tie the two "stripes" on the breasts, so that the string does not cut into the shoulders. You can put leaves as pads under the "strips".