Golden Mask Coin Killer - first impressions

Golden Mask Coin Killer - first impressions

After the beautiful second half of January, the weather conditions do not spoil you. With the delivery of the Golden Mask Coin Killer detector for testing, the festival of the unfavorable was delivered, variable weather. From the mighty wind, through the rain, on snow (at the moment raining) ending. There were also other random factors that made it difficult to do everything properly, but managed to go out several times in the field. The first cats behind the fences, actually in the field.

So let's take a look at Coin Killer comprehensively, from the beginning. I got three coils in the detector box (more on that a little later), ładowarkę sieciową i instrukcję. This is where the first screeching comes in, because the instruction in Polish has two pages. Coin Killer is a "B" segment detector of detectors (this is how I define equipment, which in terms of price and capabilities oscillate within the limits of the standards set by detectors costing around PLN 1,500), which relatively often finds its way into the hands of less experienced or even new seekers. I realize, that it is not complicated equipment, however, for many people, the lack of a complete manual will certainly be a downside (I have already encountered this allegation on the web) and a very unpleasant surprise after the purchase.

The detector itself looks solid. Properly made of elements of good quality. The telescopic boom allows for a very smooth adjustment of the Coin Killer length, which is an undoubted advantage for tall people or those who like to comb the terrain with very wide movements. Steel armrest, with Velcro fastening. W zestawie też skórzana wyściółka dla tych bardziej wygodnych.Trochę przeszkadza brak regulacji długości między uchwytem a podłokietnikiem. The battery compartment is very solid - there is no fear of damaging it, and in the case of using an available leather cover, even staining. Wtyk ładowarki nie jest niestety zabezpieczony, and the handle is not rubberized. The lack of security is a bit surprising, gdyż umiejscowiony obok nieco wtyk jack doczekał się solidnej, rubber gasket.

Moving on to electronics - it looks very neat. Plus za polską wersję językową na panelu przednim oraz niezłej jakości potencjometry – chodzą sztywno. The positioning of the potentiometers is correct, however, for left-handed people, ground balancing with one hand will not be very convenient (however, this is not a defect). The panel includes a description of the functions and the logo of the Polish distributor. The can is done well, nothing creaks. The unusual placement of the loudspeaker - in the box under the armrest - is noteworthy - I have some concerns about resistance to weather conditions (walking in rain / snow). During light rainfall, the loudspeaker protects our forearm, so everything should be alright.

I got three or two twelve-inch coils for the Coin Killer for testing (Spider and Fighter) and a five-inch sniper rifle. Coil cables not too long, I would say "on contact". The performance of the coils is flawless, I only missed the covers on two of them. A plus for the manufacturer for the rubber plugs at the plug - a simple and ingenious solution that eliminates the problem of plug contamination during transport. Ears poured solidly, there should be no problems with damage to this element.

A somewhat controversial thing for me is the battery. This design trend has pushed the XP Deus forward a lot and is being used more and more by other manufacturers. Unfortunately, in the manual for Golden Mask we will not find any information related to the correct use of the equipment, so that it does not harm the battery. I went out for a few hours' escapades with Coin Killer and the equipment did not cause any problems with charging, however, this is not necessarily the best solution for weekly trips to the wilderness.

But let's go outside. Coin Killer posiada ręczne strojenie do gruntu – potencjometr jest precyzyjny, and the whole procedure takes a while. The detector had no problems adjusting to different soils (from the peat bog to the sands) and you have to mark it, that the tuning settings differed significantly, so there is no trick here that is sometimes used in tuning detectors, which I call "very coarse". The volume control is large-scale - you can open the detector like this, that the whole neighborhood will know, that we have something. Although it is equipment dedicated to walking with headphones (why, more on that later), there will be no problem with hearing the ghost signals when you set the volume to the proper level (where shallow large signals can then tear your head off a bit).

Sensitivity, adjustable in a large range, allows you to adjust it to all needs. The detector does not tend to go crazy near high voltage lines, while in heavily littered areas it helps to drop the sensitivity - at the expense of not so much loss of range, we gain less nervous behavior of the detector. The discrimination knob, on the other hand, is more decorative than practical. It is true that we can turn it at will, but it has little effect on discriminating against ferrous objects. Na szczęście nie jest to dużym problemem, because the detector has no problems with signaling the presence of steel with a low tone, and very good separation allows you to successfully explore even quite heavily contaminated sites with scrap. The toggle switch allows us to switch between Audio and Iron Audio modes. I highly recommend the Iron Audio mode, because despite this, that the detector makes a lot more sounds, the value of this information is sometimes invaluable. The Audio mode mutes the sounds from iron and in the case of a signal against steel, muting can slightly mask the color signal.